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The Slovak Institute in North America has always made its home in Cleveland, Ohio. First dedicated in 1952 to be a source for knowledge about Slovakia with material in the Slovak language. Over the years it has also published books in Slovak that now can again be offerd for sale. Currently books in other major languages are found on the shelves of the Slovak Institute, written to explore the growth of the Slovak people both in Slovakia and around the world.

In recent years, the research of surnames for Slovak immigrants coming to America has created a need for a new service by the Slovak Institute. Working with spellings of surnames and maps to identify old towns going back to that period of the Dual Monarchy (1867 to 1918) is made easy.

More information about St. Andrew Svorad Abbey and Abbey in Sampor (Slovakia) of the Slovak Benedictine monks.

The digitalizing of a major cross section of SIL books has now been completed, enough that a CD can be offered to libraries or universities. The three categories on the CD are: 1) Dewey Decimaled Books, 2) Large Picture Books, 3) Books by Authors, all of these of interest to Slovaks.

Business hours for public: The Slovak Institute is staffed and open to the public 3 days a week, Tuesday through Thursday 10am to 3pm. Advanced notice of your visit and the nature of your research would be appreciated.


In BOOKS link above are items on Order Form, for purchasing. Christmas and Easter greeting cards packaged in packs of 10, for $10. During Christmas season we offer Oplatky for sale, they come packaged a minimum 3 wafers per envelope, for $1. Another item frequently asked about is our 3 ft. x 2 ft. black and white map of Slovakia. Designed and printed by the Slovak Institute, it sells for $10 per map Plus the necessary $4 additional charge for packing and postage on any average size order mailed within the United States.

The Institute operates independently as a non-profit organization under 501-c.3 status. Your financial support for the upgrading of the Institute would be gratefully appreciated. Make contributions payable to the Slovak Institute of St. Andrew Abbey.

If help is needed locating a town or a village on the map or wanting information about that place, just provide details with the order, or contact afterwards, at any contact number given at the bottom of this page.

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