Slovak Institute


Slovak Institute and Reference Library, Cleveland OH
Director: Andrew F. Hudak, Jr., website:

Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities, Inc.
President: Marie A. Golias, website:

Lucina Slovak Folk Ensemble of Cleveland
Director: Thomas Ivanec, website:

Cleveland Slovak Radio Club 1490 AM
President: Henry Horvath; Program Director: Milan Kobulsky

Slovak Radio Hour 90.3 FM
Director: Vladimir Mlynek, website:

Cleveland Slovak Dramatic Club
President: Johanna Oros

Zemplin Slovak Club of Cleveland
President: George Carny

Slovak League of America, Cleveland Chapter
President: Joseph Valencik, website:

First Catholic Slovak Union (Jednota), Independence OH
National President: Andrew M. Rajec, website:

First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (Zenska Jednota), Beachwood OH
National President: Cynthia M. Maleski, website:

Slovak Room at John Carroll University, University Hts OH
Curator: Charles M. Zarobila, PhD, website: Slovak Room Website

Cleveland Slovak Cultural Garden, Rockefeller Park
Caretaker: George Terbrack, website: Cleveland Cultural Gardens

American Slovak Sokol Camp, Broadview Hts OH
President: John R. Fisher

Lakewood Slovak Civic Club, Lakewood OH
President: Paul Brunovsky

Slovak Language School, Cleveland OH
Director: Miriam Visnovsky, website:

Cotillian Ball Committee, Seven Hills OH
Chairperson: Daniel Tobik

Slovak Cathlolic Federation, Cleveland District, Lakewood OH
President: Marie A. Golias

SVU, Czech & Slovak Arts & Sciences, Cleveland Chapter
President: Stephen J. Sebesta, PhD, website:

Vansova Ladies Guild, Broadview Hts OH
Archivist: Emily Uhrin

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