Death Records in Cleveland, OH. This is a link to the Cleveland Public Library homepage. Once there, click on the The Necrology File link.
Telephone directories in the USA. Look up names with ability to get location maps.
Slovakia Tourist Board. Slovak tourism website.
National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, IA. Find Slovak or Czech organizations on this self-supporting institution's website.
First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association. Prva Katolicka Slovenska Zenska Jednota. An all-around information about Cleveland, OH.
Cleveland People. Celebrating Cleveland's Cultural Diversity.
Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society in Martin, Slovakia. Genealogy and Heraldry in Slovakia with a surname search link.
Slovak Catholic Sokol. Athletic Fraternal Benefits Society.
ULUV. Folk art production in Slovakia.
IHRC-Immigration History Research Center Slovak American Collection of printed materials.
Slovak Catholic Federation. Zdruzenie Slovenskych Katolikov.
FEEFHS. Central and Eastern Europian family history.
First Catholic Slovak Union. Prva Katolicka Slovenska Jednota.
TARG-Tatra Area Research Group. For researchers studying historic upper Orava and Spis Counties.
WRHS-Western Reserve Historical Society Library
National Archives. From Civil War battles to family immigration files.
Friends of Slovakia. Based in Washington, DC
Slovak Garden. A language, cultural and retirement center for Slovak-Americans.
Ellis Island Port of Entry. Find your ancestral records.
Cleveland Cultural Gardens link to the website.
Lucina Slovak folklore ensemble of Cleveland.
Catholic Hierarchy. Slovak Bishops around the world, living and deceased.
Slovak folk band Harmonia. A Slovak band specializing, but not limited to, Slovak folk music.

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