Slovakia-Surname Location Reference Project
Associate Correspondents

Latest Update: 6 February 2003

The SLRP Associates want you to be a part of our Database

Because the SLRP (Surname Location Reference Project) was organized to be a known data storage center, your lineage chart is necessary before any feedback can be expected. Your chart should be directed to that particular County correspondent among the SLRP associates.

For those hesitant, there are two SLRP booklets to first understand the capabilities of the SLRP network. To relate historic counties of old in Slovakia, one booklet contains 50 columns published by the SLRP covering these 20 counties. This booklet can be purchased by mail for US$10.00 plus US$3.00 S+H.

The other book contains a database of 3,000 plus submitters to the SLRP. The Database book sells for US$12.00 plus US$3.00 S+H. (Contact Mr. Hornack by eMail for postage and handling cost to a overseas addresses). Make your check out to:

Joseph J. Hornack, SLRP Founder/Director
P. O. Box 31831
Cleveland, OH 44131-6027


  1. 1. Abov (AT)
    Mr. John T. Sabol
    5839 Maureen Drive
    Seven Hills, OH 44131-1911
    eMail address:

    2. Bratislava (BP)
    Ms. Helene Baine Cincebeaux
    151 Colebrook Drive
    Rochester, NY 14617-2215
    eMail address:

    3. Gemer (GC)
    Mr. Thomas J. Ivanec
    Chagrin Falls, OH
    eMail address:

    4. Liptov (LI)
    Mr. Gregory J. Fasing
    1325 S. Colorado Blvd., #302
    Denver, CO 80222-3393
    eMail address:

    5. Nitra (NI)
    Mr. Joseph J. Hornack
    5223 Eastview Drive
    Independence, OH 44131-6027
    eMail address:

    6. Orava (OA)
    Mr. Paul K. Bingham
    P. O. Box 3533
    Encondido, CA 92033
    eMail address:

    7. Saris (SA)
    Mr. Donald J. Madar
    123 East Main Street
    North East, PA 16428
    eMail address:

    8. Spis (SP)
    Dr. Michael J. Kopanic
    20 Maplewood Avenue
    Cresson, PA 16630-1521
    eMail address:

    9. Trencin (TR)
    Dr. John J. Hosmanek
    8602 Lakeshore Drive
    Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158-4719
    eMail address:

    10. Uz (UZ)
    Mr. Gregory Kolojeski
    660 Saranac Drive
    Winter Springs, FL 32708-5606
    email address:

    11. Zemplin (ZE)
    Mr. Ray Plutko
    6862 Palmer Court
    Chino, CA 91710-7343
    eMail address:

    12. Zvolen (ZV)
    Rasto Gallo
    Lakewood, OH 44107
    eMail address:
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